Research projects

Rok Dolenec: Positron emission tomography using Cherenkov light

Positron emission tomography (PET) is one of the modalities in nuclear medicine, enabling non invasive imaging of biological processes in the body. By measuring the time-of-flight (TOF) of the annihilati on photons, the quality of images obtained with PET can be significantly improved. The most important remaining limitation for improving the resolution of TOF measurement is the time evolution of the production of scintillation light, detection of which represents the basis of current PET detectors. This limitation can be avoided altogether by detecting promptly produced Cherenkov light instead. We successfully demonstrated in an experiment, that an excellent TOF resolution of less than 100 ps can be achieved using Cherenkov light.

Simona Gaberšček: To eliminate iodine deficiency and prevantable thyroid diseases in Europe

The main goal of the project is to perform research into the current situation regarding iodine intake and the health consequences of iodine deficiency in the countries involved.