Monday physics colloquium

On Monday, January 8, Matija Milanič will give a lecture titled Hyperspectral imaging and medicine. The lecture will be in the context of promotion to Assistant Professor. You are cordially invited to attend at 16:15 to Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Jadranska 19, lecture room F1. (There will also be tea before the lecture, so come a few minutes early 🙂 )

Matija Milanič

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is a non-contact and non-invasive optical technique which provides both spectral and spatial information in one measurement. The goal of HSI is to find objects, identify materials, or detect processes. As such it became a promising imaging modality for medical applications, especially in disease diagnosis and image-guided surgery.
An overview of the technique will be given, including a review of possible medical applications with focus on evaluation of bruises and detection of small-joint arthritis.

Successful Master thesis defence of Luka Rogelj and Doroteja Novak

On Wednesday, 6/9/2017, our future young researcher Luka Rogelj completed his studies with Master’s thesis titled “Magnetic resonance imaging of samples with short relaxation time T2” and obtained the title of Master of Medical Physics.
On Thursday, 14/9/2017, our new research group member and young researcher Doroteja Novak successfully completed her studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy. With her work titled “Design and synthesis of novel bacterial DNA gyrase A inhibitors”, she obtained a Master’s degree in pharmacy with cum laude honors.


Luka Doroteja

Journal Club #14

On Wednesday, May 31, Urban Simončič will present a paper titled A hybrid patient-specific biomechanical model based image registration method for the motion estimation of lungs. You can find the article here. We start at 11 AM in lecture room F4.

See you there!


Journal club #13

On Wednesday, May 17, Nina Verdel will present a paper titled In Vivo Multiphoton-Microscopy of Picosecond-Laser-Induced Optical Breakdown in Human Skin. You can read the article here. We start at 11 AM in lecture room F4.