FMF Summer School: Biomedical Optics Workshop

As a part of FMF Summer School 2018, a workshop about spectroscopy and electromagnetic fields was organised by young researchers. The short introductory lecture was followed by experimental part where participants gained knowledge about spectroscopic measurements, spectra of edible dyes and sunscreens.

In the second part the theories were tested on their skin. They learned how the skin spectrum looks like and how it is affected by the content of melanin, irritation and various sunscreens.

Jošt vneto razlaga o spektroskopiji eksperiment sta pripravila Jošt in Luka
We hope that the workshop was interesting for the majority of high school students and that they gained some useful knowledge about the biomedical optics methods.

Neurology meetings in Ljubljana

In the beginning of October (5-6 October and 6-8 October), Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center will host two neuroimaging meetings: 48th International Danube Neurology Symposium and 11th International Congress on Non-Motor Dysfunctions in Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders. Both meetings will also cover neuroimaging of neurodegenerative brain disorders with PET. More information about both meetings can be found in the following links:


IAEA Regional Training Course on Neuroimaging

Regional Training Course on Neuroimaging, organized by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be held from September 6th – 9th 2016 in Ljubljana. The preliminary program can be found here. Domestic visitors can attend the course free of charge but the number of places is limited. You are all welcome!


Medical Physics presentation at Researchers’ Night

On Friday, September 25 2015, from 4 – 10 PM (Novi trg, Ljubljana), you are cordially invited to the Researchers’ Night, where also the members of Medical Physics research group will present their activities. The event will be held in any weather.

You can find us at the booth number 12. Additionally, don’t miss the show at the main stage!
More information can be found here.

See you soon at the Researchers’ Night!